Growing up in a small western Illinois farm town, Viola, IL, our family always had a nice and rather large garden. Even then mid 1970’s until 1982, never used pesticides, we planted, removed weeds, harvested always by hand. As a teenager worked at various farms in the fields, removing tassels from stalks of corn, baled hay, weeded beans and tomatoes. Just after High School graduation worked at a packaging facility and tractor assembly line that exported combines overseas.

From 1986 until 2015 my professional life was dedicated to transportation. The last 15 years being heavily involved in perishable food logistics for the U.S. Military Commissaries and various others worldwide. Became aware just how fragile our national food supply chain has become. Although I had not worked on a farm in nearly three decades, watched as large corporations swallowed up independent farmers and their families.

September 2015 my wife and I decided it was time for a change in careers, felt a small farm would be a good start. Not only for our desire to have fresh organic produce , but doing our part in taking back private farming one acre at a time. Stumbled upon Freight Farms and immediately appreciated the benefits of their hydroponic container. We considered placing the growing container in various logistic warehouses, parking lots, perhaps in a small city or town.

After careful consideration, I felt the public perception could very well be a “clean room petri-dish lab creation”. Decided if we placed on an actual farm, would be far more approachable. Six weeks and 50 properties later found the perfect 4.5 acre farm in Elkhorn, WI. Having family throughout the Midwest and our love of the Lake Geneva, WI, this was the perfect location.

Sasha’s Farm Fresh is only phase one of two for my wife and I, with the second being a dog rescue for those who are older, have special needs and are left behind.