Sasha’s Farm Fresh will never use fertilizers, pesticides, nor GMO seeds. Sasha’s Farm Fresh has a “clean practices, healthy handling, on site hydroponic employee procedures available upon request.

Sasha’s Farm Fresh is in the process and applied for approval/certifications towards:

USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) a voluntary program recognized by buyers and farmers. State of Wisconsin USDA GAP inspection services is currently reviewing our application.

June 28, 2016 – Sasha’s Farm Fresh, LLC received certification. USDA GAP are voluntary audits that verify that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible to minimize risks of microbial food safety hazards. GAP audits verify adherence to the recommendations made in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (pdf) and industry recognized food safety practices.

In 2015, The USDA Audit Program performed audits in 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada, covering over 90 commodities.

Sasha’s Farm Fresh Produce