Originally, our mindset went from “let’s have the ability to grow as much organically grown produce as we could ever use or need, to “wow we could really do well selling year round where lettuce farms are not available”.

Have an association with an amazing Chicago foodie and businessman, and figured we will just sell thousands of heads of lettuce to restaurants and we are good. After 30 years in logistics, and various contacts, also considered shipping our fresh produce overseas. After numerous cold calls, Emails, many not even bothering to at least say “Hey that is a great idea, keep up the good work” became a bit frustrated

Well that second “evolution” of our vision has now manifested into a third and one we consider ideal…

I decided to reach out to various Wisconsin school districts, colleges, culinary schools and immediate Lake Geneva/Walworth County Wisconsin local chefs. The response has been overwhelming, and we now realize, our single hydroponic unit is a local support asset, not a global food or fast cash project.

Also from day one we were dedicated to providing a portion of every harvest to local homeless. In fact our first harvest February 12, 2016 Sasha’s Farm Fresh delivered 160 heads, 8 varieties of fresh lettuce to the Walworth County Emergency Homeless shelter in Fontana, Wisconsin.

Sasha’s Farm Fresh, LLC has become a local interest, and it has energized our team. Sasha’s Farm Fresh will always consider expansion, we believe and enjoy this business model. As we do each growing location will first and foremost be dedicated to local supply and support.