RefrigeratorSasha’s Farm Fresh offers refrigerated delivery or on site farm pick up by appointment. All transportation of our fresh produce will remain at optimal temperature of 34°F to no higher than 40°F. All Sasha’s Fresh produce will be hand picked no more than 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery. We now have a 16’ refrigerated truck with ThermoKing unit. Same day fresh pick delivery or pick up available upon request.

Sasha’s Farm Fresh delivery radius is within 75 miles of our farm. If delivery is required beyond 75 miles, Sasha’s Farm Fresh has qualified refrigerated delivery carriers. All deliveries will have temperature recorders from farm to delivery. Our drivers will return temperature recorders where Sasha’s Farm Fresh personnel upload and save electronic data. This will assure cold chain transportation has not been compromised. This delivery procedure assures just-picked quality, extends shelf life, and food safety.

Customer may request their approved carriers handle transportation, and will be liable for temperature control

Delivery TruckSasha’s Farm Fresh personal or approved refrigerated delivery carriers will have temperature recorders from departure farm site to delivery. These temperature recorders will be returned by Sasha’s Farm Fresh drivers and uploaded with electronic records to assure cold chain transportation has not been compromised. This assures the freshest product available, extends shelf life, and provides food safety.

For more information or to schedule a pick up, please contact us.

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